Lasik Eye SurgeonSince most vision insurance plans do not cover LASIK surgery to correct vision, most people thinking of having the procedure need to know how much it costs to determine if they can afford it. The cost of the surgery can vary among providers and it can be hard to find out exactly how much it is by looking up the provider online. However, there are some factors that will help determine the cost of the procedure, including:

  • Which technique the doctor uses.
  • The amount of vision correction required.
  • The difficulty of the procedure.

Along with these factors, there are overhead costs, costs for supplies and the doctor’s fees as well.

How Technique Affects Cost

When a doctor gets ready to perform a LASIK procedure, there are tests that are needed to help measure the thickness of the cornea and determine which surgical procedure is best for the patient. Determining which LASIK technique to use can affect the cost of the procedure because newer techniques often increase the cost.

Instead of a traditional LASIK procedure, your doctor may opt to perform wavefront LASIK or use femtosecond laser technology for the surgery. Wavefront LASIK involves using a wavefront analysis to measure the vision errors in the eye, better known as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. This helps the doctor provide a more precise vision correction.

The use of femtosecond laser technology means the doctor doing the LASIK procedure will only use lasers to perform it. Sometimes a blade is used to create a flap over the cornea, but lasers can create the flap instead. This technique usually has fewer complications and it can provide better visual acuity. However, the cost of the procedure increases if lasers are used exclusively.

The Cost of LASIK Surgery

When considering the cost of having LASIK surgery, it is important to remember that the quote is only for one eye. Overall, the average cost for a LASIK procedure is approximately $2,100, but that cost can vary depending on the technique.

If a LASIK procedure only uses lasers during the surgery, the average cost is approximately $2,200. Surgeries using blades, called bladed microkeratome, averages $1,550 and if the doctor uses the wavefront LASIK procedure with femtosecond laser technology, the costs averages about $2,200.

While the costs variances seem small, the doctor will decide which technique is best for your LASIK procedure after he or she receives the tests results from your eye examination.