Okay, this new eye procedure recently approved by the FDA may not provide the ability to see through walls or send red beams shooting from your eyes, but it sure as heck can give you the clear, fabulous, awesome vision you’ve always wanted. Designed to correct the most common vision problems in adults, the procedure gives people the ability to see close-up while maintaining superior distant vision. This is done via the “KAMRA” inlay, which restores eyeballs’ zoom capabilities just like—that’s right—a camera.


KAMRA Inlay restores your eyeballs’ zoom capabilities just like—that’s right—a camera. This technology will allow people to push the limits of their sight.

KAMRA Inlay restores your eyeballs’ zoom capabilities just like—that’s right—a camera. This technology will allow people to push the limits of their sight.

“People” in this instance generally refers to those 40 and over, as most adults experience visioning problems around this age.


The office of Greg Parkhurst, MD, a rock-star ophthalmologist from San Antonio, TX, is one of four facilities working tirelessly on the latest FDA clinical trial for this amazing eye procedure. Parkhurst notes that as we get older, the eyes lose their ability to “zoom in,” or see things close-up. Called presbyopia, the loss of near vision bums a lot of middle-aged and older adults out. People want to feel energized, remain active, and not deal with old-fogie reading glasses and bifocals.


Various reading aids frequently come into play as we age, such as the aforementioned bifocals, as well as contacts and other glasses. The rate of those in their 50s using vision aids is over 90 percent, and pretty much all adults over age 75 wear glasses unless they’ve undergone corrective surgery.


Dr. Parkhurst is helping middle-aged peeps reclaim their vision and a wee bit of their youth with this new procedure. He has helped 53 people restore their near vision so far. The procedure utilizes what is called the “Raindrop” corneal inlay, another corneal inlay brand similar to KAMRA. Raindrop is a totally transparent inlay, as well as biocompatible, crazy-thin, and made of 80 percent water.


LASIK is still the go-to for distance vision correction. The only way to address presbyopia with LASIK up until now has been to go the “monovision” route where one eye focuses mainly on far vision and the other primarily on near vision.


“Most people prefer to have their eyes working and focusing together,” said Dr.Parkhurst, who noted his office plans to start offering the KAMRA inlay. He is currently providing Raindrop inlay services as part of FDA clinical trials in San Antonio. Dr. Parkhurst was named one of the “Top 40 under 40 Most Influential Ophthalmologists in the World” by The Ophthalmologist periodical in April 2015. He is the only Texas surgeon to be given this honor, and is one of five surgeons on the North American continent to be inducted into the Implantable Contact Lens Master’s Club.


Who wouldn’t want to enjoy superhero vision regardless of age? This amazing technology is primed to do wonders for those with vision issues, which is, well, most people. As more and more breakthroughs regarding these super-cool procedures occur, the eyeglasses industry may become obsolete. It should be interesting to “see”….and in the meantime, you might want to don your superhero cape and determine if this eye-tastic procedure is worth it.